Following the meeting with the customer, we get the general brief about the project (budget, timeframe, inventory of existing furniture, the intention of the renovation or the new project, the style and the functions…)

As a second phase our exploration starts. We discover the space and site with photographs, videos. We start working on the initial technical drawings that outlines the space that we need to work on. In the meantime, our creative team starts thinking about the soul of the project. That is where the real excitement starts. We gather our creative mood, style and material boards which contains many visuals. We share our thoughts and dreams about the look and functionality of the related space and the project, get as many feedbacks as possible from the customer to make sure we are on the same page…

Custom design pieces, sketches, further material developments, market research follows. Sourcing, purchasing, working with contractors giving the tech details etc.. is the next phase… We give final orders of furnishings, fixtures and equipment’s. During this time the construction continues at site. Following construction, we coordinate the delivery and installation of materials, furnishings, accessories and artwork. We make sure the installations are made according to the specs…

As the Project gets close to completion we work on final adjustments or any additional orders. Prior to conclusion we go over the details and the needs and final adjustments with the client. As a final phase we love shaking hands in content of a great collaboration. The excitement of a new space, which we create and will be lived in happiness, is a great motivation that will fuel fort he next projects to come….




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