This is a project that we developed for a customer from Sweden who plans to spend summer time in Bodrum.

The villa is located at Geriş köyü which lays on the slopes of Bodrum which lays on the hills of Yalıkavak.

The main idea was to create connecting the house to the outdoor living spaces and terrace. The southern area of the residence which has large windows and sliding doors opens towards to the garden and to the pool. The same level of the living space and the greenery terrace enable indoor and outdoor traffic in an easy path.

The livingroom, kitchen, dining room and the library they are all connected in one ground floor without any walls. Only a glass wall panel and fire place are  used for organic separation purposes only. This open look enhances the spacy effect which we wanted to achieve.

We chose light and soft colors in overall,  natural wood, stone, glass, dark metal  as materials in decoration.

All the furniture are designed to be simple, functional and modern.

On the second floor there are 2 guest rooms and 1 bedroom along with their private baths.

This is a contemporary summer house which is welcoming its residents in 4 seasons with its well heating system.

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